Fu-Chung Huang

I'm a researcher in Computational Displays. Currently my work enables new experiences for the next generation head-mounts, with new types of rendering algorithm and prototyping novel hardware. I focus on the holistic integration of computer graphics and computer vision with the co-design of software and hardware for better human visual perception. 

"10 World Changing Ideas 2014"​ by Scientific American....My Ph.D. thesis "Vision-Correcting Displays"​ is about correcting the optical blur of the eye on the display without wearing eyeglasses, and we design an low-cost (< $10 ) light field display using off-the-shelf components. The research work has been highlighted in some major media: BBC News (also in Live), NBC News, CBS News, FOX News, Reuters, Forbes, Business Insider, Financial Times, Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum, Engadget, WIRED, GIZMODO, GIZMAG, PHYSICS WORLD, COMPUTERWORLD, WIRED UK, Discovery News, CNET, UC Berkeley News, and MIT News. Links to details in my personal webpage below:

Here is my webpage: