All-Frequency Interactive Relighting of Translucent Objects with Single and Multiple Scattering

We present a technique, based on precomputed light transport, for interactive rendering of translucent objects under all-frequency environment maps. We consider the complete BSSRDF model proposed by Jensen et al. [2001], which includes both single and diffuse multiple scattering components. The challenge is how to effciently precompute all-frequency light transport functions due to subsurface scattering. We apply the two-pass hierarchical technique by Jensen et al. [2002] in the space of non-linearly approximated transport vectors, which allows us to ef ciently evaluate transport vectors due to diffuse multiple scattering. We then include an approximated single scattering term in the precomputation, which previous interactive systems have ignored. For an isotropic phase function, this approximation produces a diffuse transport vector per vertex, and is combined with the multiple scattering component. For a general phase function, we introduce a technique from BRDF rendering to factor the phase function using a separable decomposition to allow for view-dependent rendering. We show that our rendering results qualitatively match the appearance of translucent objects, achieving a high level of realism at interactive rates.

Rui Wang (University of Virginia)
John Tran (University of Virginia)
David Luebke (University of Virginia)
Publication Date: 
Monday, August 1, 2005
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