Image Synthesis using Adjoint Photons

The most straightforward image synthesis algorithm is to follow
photon-like particles from luminaires through the environment.
These particles scatter or are absorbed when they interact with a
surface or a volume. They contribute to the image if and when they
strike a sensor. Such an algorithm implicitly solves the light transport
equation. Alternatively, adjoint photons can be traced from the sensor to the luminaires to produce the same image. This “adjoint photon” tracing algorithm is described, and its strengths and weaknesses are discussed, as well as details needed to make adjoint photon tracing practical.

R. Keith Morley (Princeton)
Solomon Boulos (University of Utah)
Jared Johnson (University of Utah)
David Edwards (University of Utah)
Peter Shirley (University of Utah)
Michael Ashikhmin (SUNY Stoney Brook)
Simon Premoze (ILM)
Publication Date: 
Sunday, October 1, 2006
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