Guillem Braso

Guillem Braso

Research Intern


Guillem holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics from the Technical University of Munich. While he was a master student he conducted research on multi-object tracking under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Leal-Taixé. Before that, he obtained a B.Sc. in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Barcelona. During his B.S. studies, he worked on interpretable deep learning under Prof. Dr. Vitrià, spent one semester abroad at the University of California at Davis, and completed several internships as a data scientist.

In October 2020, Guillem started a Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Leal-Taixé. His current research interests are centered on learning graph-structured representations for vision tasks, with a focus on video understanding. He is currently a research intern at NVIDIA.