Random-Access Neural Compression of Material Textures

Here we show material textures from our evaluation data, using a few selected textures to limit the size. The sources of these textures are ambientCG, EISKO©, KaiMoisch and PolyHaven. The entire texture-set corresponding to a material is compressed using the different techniques described in the paper and listed in Table 3. The images are compressed to bits per-pixel per-channel (BPPC) values ranging from 0.2 to 1.0 as indicated by the compression profile, except for the BC High profile which is approximately at 4 BPPC.

*All textures have been cropped to 2048x2048 texels for viewing, except for BC High (low-res) which is at a lower resolution in order to achieve a storage size close to 0.2 BPPC. It is therefore cropped to 512x512 texels for viewing alignment with other methods. When zooming in, the textures are magnified with smooth interpolation to match the behavior of a typical real-time renderer.