Kihwan Kim

Kihwan Kim is a senior research scientist in visual computing research group at NVIDIA Research. He received Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2011, and BS from Yonsei University in 2001. Prior to join Georgia Tech, he spent five years as an R&D engineer at Samsung and also worked for Disney Research Pittsburgh as a visiting research associate/research intern for 8 months during his graduate study.

His research interests span the areas of computer vision, graphics, machine learning and multimedia. A common thread in his research is in understanding dynamic scenes from videos, and estimating the motion and structure of geometric information extracted from the scene.  Currently, he is leading NVIDIA's SLAM projects, and also working on gesture recogntion system based on different modalities (sensors).

For a complete list of papers, slides, and demos including those published before joining NVIDIA research, see here