Chris Wyman

Chris Wyman, Ph.D.
Principal Research Scientist
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Chris joined NVIDIA Research in 2012. Previously, he served as an associate professor of computer science at the University of Iowa. He has a PhD in computer science from the University of Utah. His research interests focus on realistic, real-time rendering including problems on lighting, global illumination, shadows, materials, participating media, and many related issues.

Research Interests:

Raster-based rendering algorithms, participating media, global illumination, specular materials, shadowing algorithms, efficient area light sources, ray tracing

Hashed Alpha Testing
Towards Foveated Rendering for Gaze-Tracked Virtual Reality
CloudLight: A System for Amortizing Indirect Lighting in Real-Time Rendering
Perceptually-Based Foveated Virtual Reality
Decoupled Coverage Anti-Aliasing
Frustum-Traced Raster Shadows: Revisiting Irregular Z-Buffers
Imperfect Voxelized Shadow Volumes
Simple Analytic Approximations to the CIE XYZ Color Matching Functions
CloudLight: A system for amortizing indirect lighting in real-time rendering