Jared Hoberock

Jared Hoberock, Ph.D.

Jared Hoberock joined NVIDIA Research in October 2008. His interests include parallel programming models and physically-based rendering. Jared is the co-creator of Thrust, a high performance parallel algorithms library. While at NVIDIA, Jared has contributed to the DirectX graphics driver, Gelato, a final frame film renderer, and OptiX, a high-performance, programmable ray tracing engine. Jared received a Ph.D in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a two-time recipient of the NVIDIA Graduate Research Fellowship.

Research Interests:

Parallel Programming Models, Physically-Based Rendering

GPU Ray Tracing
Thrust: A Productivity-Oriented Library for CUDA
OptiX: A General Purpose Ray Tracing Engine
On the Visualization of Social and Other Scale-Free Networks
Rapid Multipole Graph Drawing on the GPU