Tero Karras

Tero Karras
Principal Research Scientist
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Tero Karras joined NVIDIA Research in 2009, after having worked for 3 years with NVIDIA's Tegra business. His research interests include real time ray tracing, representations for detailed 3D content, parallel algorithms, and GPU computing.

Research Interests:

GPU Computing, Parallel Algorithms, Rendering Algorithms, Real Time Ray Tracing

Facial Performance Capture with Deep Neural Networks
Apex Point Map for Constant-Time Bounding Plane Approximation
Gradient-Domain Metropolis Light Transport
Megakernels Considered Harmful: Wavefront Path Tracing on GPUs
On Quality Metrics of Bounding Volume Hierarchies
Fast Parallel Construction of High-Quality Bounding Volume Hierarchies
Maximizing Parallelism in the Construction of BVHs, Octrees, and k-d Trees
Understanding the Efficiency of Ray Traversal on GPUs - Kepler and Fermi Addendum
Improved Dual-Space Bounds for Simultaneous Motion and Defocus Blur
Efficient Triangle Coverage Tests for Stochastic Rasterization
Clipless Dual-Space Bounds for Faster Stochastic Rasterization
High-Performance Software Rasterization on GPUs
Stratified Sampling for Stochastic Transparency
Architecture Considerations for Tracing Incoherent Rays
Two Methods for Fast Ray-Cast Ambient Occlusion
Efficient Sparse Voxel Octrees - Analysis, Extensions, and Implementation
Efficient Sparse Voxel Octrees