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Generalist Embodied Agent Research

Building Generally Capable Agents in Many Worlds, Virtual and Real


Welcome to the NVIDIA GEAR group led by Dr. Jim Fan and Prof. Yuke Zhu. At GEAR, our mission is to build foundation models for embodied agents in virtual and physical worlds. Our research agenda encompasses:

  1. Multimodal foundation models: LLMs for planning and reasoning, vision-language models, and world models trained on Internet-scale data sources;
  2. General-purpose robots: robotic models and systems that enable robust locomotion and dexterous manipulation in complex environments;
  3. Foundation agents in virtual worlds: large action models that autonomously explore and continuously bootstrap their capabilities across different games and simulations;
  4. Simulation and synthetic data: simulation infrastructure and synthetic data pipelines for large-scale learning.

Open Positions

We are actively recruiting! Join us now by applying for: