Graduate Fellow: Yatish Turakhia (2016)

Yatish Turakhia, from Mumbai, India

Studying at Stanford

Research: Yatish focuses on designing a co-processor for massively accelerating a wide-range of algorithms involving genomic sequence alignment – from read assembly to remote homology search. The hardware is designed to expedite new discoveries in genome research while reducing the ever-exploding computational costs in critical genomic analyses, such as precision medicine. Research Link

Bio: Yatish is a second year PhD candidate at the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford University.  He is being co-advised by Prof. Bill Dally and Prof. Gill Bejerano. His current research interests are at the intersection of computer architecture and computational genomics.  He holds a B.Tech and M.Tech (Microelectronics) in EE from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.