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Welcome to the homepage of the NVIDIA Toronto Artificial Intelligence Lab led by Professor Sanja Fidler. Our research group was founded in 2018, and is primarily based in Toronto.

The research interests of our lab lie at the intersection of computer vision, machine learning and computer graphics. Our group members are also part of or closely collaborate with academic labs such as the University of Toronto and Vector Institute. Since April 2024, we are happy to join forces with Ken Museth and his physics research team.

We invite applications for the following positions:

  • full time research scientist
  • full time research engineer
  • research scientist intern
  • research engineer intern

Graduate and senior undergraduate students interested in doing an internship in the NVIDIA Toronto AI Lab can directly fill this form. See this link for open positions, or contact our members for more details.


April 2024 - We are happy to join forces with Ken Museth and his physics research team!

December 2023 - Adaptive Shells for Efficient Neural Radiance Field Rendering received the Best Paper Award at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023.

August 2023 - Interactive AI Material Generation and Editing in NVIDIA Omniverse wins Real-Time Live at SIGGRAPH 2023.

July 2023 - Learning Physically Simulated Tennis Skills From Broadcast Videos was awarded an Honorable Mention at SIGGRAPH 2023.

June 2022 - Karsten Kreis co-organized a workshop on diffusion-based generative modeling at CVPR 2022. Or Litani and Towaki Takikawa organized the neural fields tutorial at CVPR 2022.

April 2021 - Our work was presented at GTC 2021.

December 2020 - New version of the website.

May 2020 - 40 Years on, PAC-MAN Recreated with AI by NVIDIA Researchers

December 2019 - 2D or Not 2D: NVIDIA Researchers Bring Images to Life with AI

November 2019 - NVIDIA Makes 3D Deep Learning Research Easy with Kaolin PyTorch Library

November 2019 - NVIDIA Research at ICCV: Generating New City Road Layouts with AI

October 2019 - NVIDIA Research at ICCV: Meta-Sim: Learning to Generate Synthetic Datasets

June 2019 - NVIDIA Research Released at CVPR Helps Developers Create Better Visual Datasets

Research Topics

Our research combines machine learning, computer vision and computer graphics for innovative applications such as video games, simulations, film industry, data servers, medical imaging and self-driving cars. A non-exhaustive list of research topics studied in our group include:

  • Machine Learning for Computer Graphics: Differentiable rendering, 3D deep learning, computational shape analysis, manipulation of color distributions

  • Generative modeling: Synthetic data generation, dynamic environment simulation, 3D models.

  • Representation Learning: Semantic segmentation, road layout modeling, complex continuous data structures to represent hierarchies and graphs, motion planning, planner-centric metrics, numerical Optimization, federated simulation

  • Machine Learning with limited supervision: active learning, self-supervised learning, few-shot learning, domain adaptation, learning with noisy labels

Publications of the physics research team can be found here.


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Publications of the physics research team can be found here.



Our lab is located in Downtown Toronto (20 minutes away from the St-George campus of the University of Toronto) and hosts many students for their co-op programs. Motivated candidates can contact our members to apply for internships and research positions.

Unauthorized visitors are not permitted in the Toronto office.

  • 431 King St W, 6th floor, Toronto, ON M5V 3M4
  • Monday-Friday 9:00 to 18:00