Metering for Exposure Stacks

When creating a High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) image from a sequence of differently exposed Low-Dynamic-Range (LDR) images, the set of LDR images is usually generated by sampling the space of exposure times with a geometric progression and without explicitly accounting for the distribution of irradiance values of the scene. We argue that this choice can produce sub-optimal results both in terms of the number of acquired pictures and the quality of the resulting HDR image.

This paper presents a method to estimate the full irradiance histogram of a scene, and a strategy to select the set of exposures that need to be acquired. Our selection usually requires a smaller or equal set of  LDRs, yet produces higher quality HDR images.







Marius Tico (Nokia Research Center)
Roberto Manduchi (UC Santa Cruz)
Natasha Gelfand (Nokia Research Center)
Kari Pulli (NVIDIA)

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