NVIDIA Launches 15th Annual Graduate Fellowship Program

The application portal is now closed. We’ll select students from around the world to receive grants of $25,000 each for research that advances parallel computing. Besides funding, they’ll get access to NVIDIA technology and programming talent. Fellowship winners will be announced at GTC-2016 in April.

NVIDIA Chief Scientist Bill Dally Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Japan's IPSJ presented Bill Dally with the Funai Achievement Award for his extraordinary achievements in the field of computer science and education. More info.

NYU Explores Frontier of Data Science, Joins More Than a Dozen New CUDA Centers

The amount of data in the world is growing exponentially. Hard-drive and cloud storage capacity is on a similar trajectory. Internet speeds keep increasing.

NVIDIA GPU Starter DevKit with OpenACC Discount

NVIDIA today launched the GPU Starter DevKit with OpenACC. Your colleagues who are looking to accelerate their C/C++/Fortran application with GPUs will find this devkit a great starting point.Click here to learn more.

Announcement: GPU Webinar & Call for Papers

Sign up for the New Optimizations for GPUDirect RDMA webinar on June 5th.  Submit papers to the Workshop on accelerator programming using directives (WACCPD) by August 22nd.