Light-Weight Protocols for Wire-Speed Ordering

We describe light-weight protocols for selective packet ordering in out-of-order networks that carry memory traffic. The protocols are designed for heterogeneous high-performance systems, in particular, accelerated systems with endpoints that have few resources available for interfacing the network.

The protocols preserve the semantics of a relaxed memory ordering model as adopted by highly-threaded many-core processors and accelerators.

The protocols achieve link-rate performance through the following techniques: (1) speculative connection setup avoids round-trip delays found in protocols with little knowledge about endpoint resources, (2) target-side ordering avoids round-trip delays found in source-side ordering mechanisms, (3) fine-grained ordering removes dependencies unwarranted by program code avoiding cumulative ordering dependencies caused by coarse-grained ordering, (4) ordering relaxations and optimizations for producer/consumer communication patterns.

We describe two ordering protocols that provide (1) strict sequential ordering and (2) relaxed ordering for multi-packet transfers. The protocols impose no restrictions on routing, including multipath routing.

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