Mouse Sensitivity in First-person Targeting Tasks

Despite billions of hours of play and copious discussion online, mouse sensitivity recommendations for first-person targeting tasks vary by a factor of 10x or more and remain an active topic of debate in both competitive and recreational gaming communities.Inspired by previous academic literature in pointer-based gain optimization, we conduct the first user study of mouse sensitivity in first person targeting tasks, reporting a statistically significant range of optimal values in both task completion time and throughput. Due to inherent incompatibility (i.e., lack of convert-ability) between sensitivity metrics adopted for prior pointer-based gain literature and those describing first-person targeting, we provide the first analytically demonstrated, statistically significant optimal sensitivity range useful for first-person camera controls. Furthermore, we demonstrate that this optimal sensitivity range arises (at least in part) from a speed-precision trade-off impacted by spatial task difficulty, similar to results reported in pointer-based sensitivity literature previously.

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