Mixed-primary Factorization for Dual-frame Computational Displays

Increasing resolution and dynamic range of digital color displays is challenging with designs confined by cost and power specifications. This necessitates modern displays to trade-off spatial and temporal resolution for color reproduction capability. In this work we explore the idea of joint hardware and algorithm design to balance such trade-offs. We introduce a system that uses content-adaptive and compressive factorizations to reproduce colors. Each target frame is factorized into two products of high-resolution monochromatic and low-resolution color images, which then get integrated through temporal or spatial multiplexing. As our framework minimizes the error in colorimetric space, the perceived color rendition is high, and thanks to GPU acceleration, the results are generated in real-time. We evaluate our system with a LCD prototype that uses LED backlight array and temporal multiplexing to reproduce color images. Our approach enables high effective resolution and dynamic range without increasing power consumption. We also demonstrate low-cost extensions to hyperspectral and light-field imaging, which are possible due to compressive nature of our system. 


Fu-Chung Huang (NVIDIA)
David Pajak (Light)

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