RMPflow: A Computational Graph for Automatic Motion Policy Generation

We develop a novel policy synthesis algorithm, RMPflow, based on geometrically consistent transformations of Riemannian Motion Policies (RMPs). RMPs are a class of reactive motion policies designed to parameterize non-Euclidean behaviors as dynamical systems in intrinsically nonlinear task spaces. Given a set of RMPs designed for individual tasks, RMPflow can consistently combine these local policies to generate an expressive global policy, while simultaneously exploiting sparse structure for computational efficiency. We study the geometric properties of RMPflow and provide sufficient conditions for stability. Finally, we experimentally demonstrate that accounting for the geometry of task policies can simplify classically difficult problems, such as planning through clutter on high-DOF manipulation systems.


Ching-An Cheng (NVIDIA, Georgia Tech)
Mustafa Mukadam (NVIDIA, Georgia Tech)
Jan Issac (NVIDIA)
Byron Boots (NVIDIA)
Nathan Ratliff (NVIDIA)

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