MAVIREC: ML-Aided Vectored IR-Drop Estimation and Classification

Vectored IR drop analysis is a critical step in chip signoff that checks the power integrity of an on-chip power delivery network. Due to the prohibitive runtimes of dynamic IR drop analysis, the large number of test patterns must be whittled down to a small subset of worstcase IR vectors. Unlike the traditional slow heuristic method that select a few vectors with incomplete coverage, MAVIREC uses machine learning techniques—3D convolutions and regression-like layers—for accurately recommending a larger subset of test patterns that exercise worst-case scenarios. In under 30 minutes, MAVIREC profiles 100K-cycle vectors and provides better coverage than a state-of-the-art industrial flow. Further, MAVIREC’s IR drop predictor shows 10X speedup with under 4mV RMSE relative to an industrial flow.


Vidya A. Chhabria (University of Minnesota)
Sachin S. Sapatnekar (University of Minnesota)

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