Andriy Myronenko

Andriy Myronenko is a senior research scientist at NVIDIA. His research interests include computer vision, deep learning and medical image analysis. At NVIDIA, his focus is on innovative AI algorithms for medical imaging applications, such as 3D MRI/CT organ and tumor segmentation. He also works on enabling AI technologies to be a part of clinical workflow  through collaborations with hospitals, including UCSF and Stanford. In 2018, he won the first place in the largest international challenge of 3D MRI brain tumor segmentation (BraTS).  

Before joining NVIDIA in 2018, Andriy was at Accuray research, developing algorithms for deformable registration and segmentation of 3D images for radiotherapy applications.  He holds a PhD from Oregon Health and Science University (2010), where his research focus was on non-rigid image and point set registration methods.

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