A Fast and Stable Feature-Aware Motion Blur Filter

High-quality motion blur is an increasingly important and pervasive effect in interactive graphics that, even in the context of offline rendering, is often approximated using a post process. Recent motion blur post-process filters (e.g., [MHBO12, Sou13]) efficiently generate plausible results suitable for modern interactive rendering pipelines. However, these approaches may produce distracting artifacts, for instance, when different motions overlap in depth or when both large- and fine-scale features undergo motion. We address these artifacts with a more robust sampling and filtering scheme that incurs only small additional runtime cost. We render plausible, temporally-coherent motion blur on several complex animation sequences, all in just 3ms at a resolution 1280x720. Moreover, our filter is designed to integrate seamlessly with post-process anti-aliasing and depth of field.


Jean-Philippe Guertin (NVIDIA)
Morgan McGuire (NVIDIA)
Derek Nowrouzezahrai (NVIDIA)

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