WYSIWYG Computational Photography via Viewfinder Editing

Digital cameras with electronic viewfinders provide a relatively faithful depiction of the final image, providing a WYSIWYG experience. If, however, the image is created from a burst of differently captured images, or non-linear interactive edits significantly alter the final outcome, then the photographer cannot directly see the results, but instead must imagine the post-processing effects. This paper explores the notion of viewfinder editing, which makes the viewfinder more accurately reflect the final image the user intends to create. We allow the user to alter the local or global appearance (tone, color, saturation, or focus) via stroke-based input, and propagate the edits spatiotemporally. The system then delivers a real-time visualization of these modifications to the user, and drives the camera control routines to select better capture parameters.


Jongmin Baek (Stanford)
Dawid Pająk (NVIDIA)
Kihwan Kim (NVIDIA)
Kari Pulli (NVIDIA)
Marc Levoy (Stanford)

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