A Non-Linear Filter for Gyroscope-Based Video Stabilization

We present a method for video stabilization and rolling-shutter correction for videos captured on mobile devices. The method uses the data from an on-board gyroscope to track the camera's angular velocity, and can run in real time within the camera capture pipeline. We remove small motions and rolling-shutter distortions due to hand shake, creating the impression of a video shot on a tripod.For larger motions, we filter the camera's angular velocity to produce a smooth output.To meet the latency constraints of a real-time camera capture pipeline, our filter operates on a small temporal window of three to five frames. Our algorithm performs better than the previous work that uses a gyroscope to stabilize a video stream, and at a similar level with respect to current feature-based methods.


Steven Bell (Stanford University)
Alejandro Troccoli (NVIDIA)
Kari Pulli (NVIDIA)

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