Improved Half Vector Space Light Transport

In this paper, we present improvements to half vector space light transport (HSLT) [KHD14], which make this approach more practical, robust for difficult input geometry, and faster. Our first contribution is the computation of half vector space ray differentials in a different domain than the original work. This enables a more uniform stratification over the image plane during Markov chain exploration. Furthermore, we introduce a new multichain perturbation in half vector space, which, if combined appropriately with half vector perturbation, makes the mutation strategy both more robust to geometric configurations with fine displacements and faster due to reduced number of ray casts. We provide and analyze the results of improved HSLT and discuss possible applications of our new half vector ray differentials.


Johannes Hanika (NVIDIA)
Anton Kaplanyan (NVIDIA)
Carsten Dachsbacher (NVIDIA)

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