FocusAR: Auto-focus Augmented Reality Eyeglasses for both Real World and Virtual Imagery

We describe a system which corrects dynamically for the focus of the real world surrounding the near-eye display of the user and simultaneously the internal display for augmented synthetic imagery, with an aim of completely replacing the user prescription eyeglasses. The ability to adjust focus for both real and virtual stimuli will be useful for a wide variety of users, but especially for users over 40 years of age who have limited accommodation range. Our proposed solution employs a tunable-focus lens for dynamic prescription vision correction, and a varifocal internal display for setting the virtual imagery at appropriate spatially registered depths. We also demonstrate a proof of concept prototype to verify our design and discuss the challenges to building an auto-focus augmented reality eyeglasses for both real and virtual.


Praneeth Chakravarthula (NVIDIA)
David Dunn (UNC)
Kaan Akşit (NVIDIA)
Henry Fuchs (UNC)

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