Patch scanning displays: spatiotemporal enhancement for displays

Emerging fields of mixed reality and electronic sports necessitate greater spatial and temporal resolutions in displays. We introduce a novel scanning display method that enhances spatiotemporal qualities of displays. Specifically, we demonstrate that scanning multiple image patches that are representing basis functions of each block in a target image can help to synthesize spatiotemporally enhanced visuals. To discover the right image patches, we introduce an optimization framework tailored to our hardware. In our method, spatiotemporally enhanced visuals are synthesized using an optical scanner scanning image patches from an image generator illuminated by a locally addressable backlight. As a validation of our method, we demonstrate a prototype using commodity equipment. Our method improves pixel fill factor to hundred percent and enhances spatial resolution of a display up to four times. An inherent constrain regarding to spatiotemporal qualities of displays could be solved using our method.


Kaan Akşit (NVIDIA)

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