SpeakerNet: 1D Depth-wise Separable Convolutional Network for Text-Independent Speaker Recognition and Verification

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We propose SpeakerNet - a new neural architecture for speaker recognition and speaker verification tasks. It is composed of residual blocks with 1D depth-wise separable convolutions, batch-normalization, and ReLU layers. This architecture uses x-vector based statistics pooling layer to map variable-length utterances to a fixed-length embedding (q-vector). SpeakerNet-M is a simple lightweight model with just 5M parameters. It doesn't use voice activity detection (VAD) and achieves close to state-of-the-art performance scoring an Equal Error Rate (EER) of 2.10% on the VoxCeleb1 cleaned and 2.29% on the VoxCeleb1 trial files.


Nithin Rao Koluguri (NVIDIA)
Jason Li (NVIDIA)
Vitaly Lavrukhin (NVIDIA)
Boris Ginsburg (NVIDIA)

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