Auxiliary Learning by Implicit Differentiation

Training with multiple auxiliary tasks is a common practice used in deep learning for improving the performance on the main task of interest. Two main challenges arise in this multi-task learning setting: (i) Designing useful auxiliary tasks; and (ii) Combining auxiliary tasks into a single coherent loss. We propose a novel framework, AuxiLearn, that targets both challenges, based on implicit differentiation. First, when useful auxiliaries are known, we propose learning a network that combines all losses into a single coherent objective function. This network can learn non-linear interactions between auxiliary tasks. Second, when no useful auxiliary task is known, we describe how to learn a network that generates a meaningful, novel auxiliary task. We evaluate AuxiLearn in a series of tasks and domains, including image segmentation and learning with attributes. We find that AuxiLearn consistently improves accuracy compared with competing methods.


Aviv Navon (BIU)
Idan Achituve (BIU)
Ethan Fetaya (BIU)

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