Gal Chechik

Gal Chechik joined NVIDIA in October 2018 as a Director of AI Research, to lead NVIDIA research in Israel. Prior to joining NVIDIA, he was a Staff Research Scientist at Google, working on Deep Learning, Image Understanding, Search, and Machine Hearing. Gal is an Associate Proffessor at the Gonda Brain research institute at Bar-Ilan University. Before joining the faculty, he was a postdoctoral research associate at Stanford Univerity, and received his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Gal published more than 75 papers, including publications in Nature Biotechnology, Cell and PNAS, and holds 40 issued patents. He was an Alon Fellow and a Complexity Fellow.  

Gal's research interests are focusing on systems that learn from their environment, both synthetic and biological: brains and machines. Recently he is particularly interested in developing algorithms that learn with few samples, use language and knowledge, and generalize to new combinations, for smarter machine perception. 


Additional Research Areas: