SPGISpeech: 5,000 Hours of Transcribed Financial Audio for Fully Formatted End-to-End Speech Recognition

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In the English speech-to-text (STT) machine learning task, acoustic models are conventionally trained on uncased Latin characters, and any necessary orthography (such as capitalization, punctuation, and denormalization of non-standard words) is imputed by separate post-processing models. This adds complexity and limits performance, as many formatting tasks benefit from semantic information present in the acoustic signal but absent in transcription. Here we propose a new STT task: end-to-end neural transcription with fully formatted text for target labels. We present baseline Conformer-based models trained on a corpus of 5,000 hours of professionally transcribed earnings calls, achieving a CER of 1.7. As a contribution to the STT research community, we release the corpus free for non-commercial use.


Patrick K. O’Neill (Kensho Technologies)
Vitaly Lavrukhin (NVIDIA)
Somshubra Majumdar (NVIDIA)
Vahid Noroozi (NVIDIA)
Yuekai Zhang ( Johns Hopkins University)
Oleksii Kuchaiev (NVIDIA)
Jagadeesh Balam (NVIDIA)
Yuliya Dovzhenko (Kensho Technologies)
Keenan Freyberg (Kensho Technologies)
Michael D. Shulman (Kensho Technologies)
Boris Ginsburg (NVIDIA)
Shinji Watanabe (Johns Hopkins University)
Georg Kucsko (Kensho Technologies)

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