Scaling Probe-Based Real-Time Dynamic Global Illumination for Production

We contribute several practical extensions to the probe-based irradiance-field-with-visibility representation [Majercik et al. 2019] [McGuire et al. 2017] to improve image quality, constant and asymptotic performance, memory efficiency, and artist control. We developed these extensions in the process of incorporating the previous work into the global illumination solutions of the NVIDIA RTXGI SDK, the Unity and Unreal Engine 4 game engines, and proprietary engines for several commercial games. These extensions include: an intuitive tuning parameter (the self-shadow bias); heuristics to speed transitions in the global illumination; reuse of irradiance data as prefiltered radiance for recursive glossy reflection; a probe state machine to prune work that will not affect the final image; and multiresolution cascaded volumes for large worlds.


Zander Majercik (NVIDIA)
Adam Marrs (NVIDIA)
Morgan McGuire (NVIDIA)

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