Self Adaptive Reconfigurable Arrays (SARA): Learning Flexible GEMM Accelerator Configuration and Mapping-space using ML

This work demonstrates a scalable reconfigurable accelerator (RA) architecture designed to extract maximum performance and energy efficiency for GEMM workloads. We also present a self-adaptive (SA) unit, which runs a learnt model for one-shot configuration optimization in hardware offloading the software stack thus easing the deployment of the proposed design. We evaluate an instance of the proposed methodology with a 32.768 TOPS reference implementation called SAGAR, that can provide the same mapping flexibility as a compute equivalent distributed system while achieving 3.5× more power efficiency and 3.2x higher compute density demonstrated via architectural and post-layout simulation. 


Ananda Samajdar (Georgia Tech)
Eric Qin (Georgia Tech)
Tushar Krishna (Georgia Tech)

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