Adapter-Based Extension of Multi-Speaker Text-to-Speech Model for New Speakers

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Fine-tuning is a popular method for adapting text-to-speech (TTS) models to new speakers. However this approach has some challenges. Usually fine-tuning requires several hours of high quality speech per speaker. There is also that fine-tuning will negatively affect the quality of speech synthesis for previously learnt speakers. In this paper we propose an alternative approach for TTS adaptation based on using parameter-efficient adapter modules. In the proposed approach, a few small adapter modules are added to the original network. The original weights are frozen, and only the adapters are fine-tuned on speech for new speaker. The parameter-efficient fine-tuning approach will produce a new model with high level of parameter sharing with original model. Our experiments on LibriTTS, HiFi-TTS and VCTK datasets validate the effectiveness of adapter-based method through objective and subjective metrics.


Cheng-Ping Hsieh (University of California San Diego)
Subhankar Ghosh (NVIDIA)
Boris Ginsburg (NVIDIA)

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