Flexible Motion In-betweening with Diffusion Models

Motion in-betweening, a fundamental technique in animation, has long been recognized as a labor-intensive and challenging process. We investigate the potential of diffusion models in generating diverse human motions guided by keyframes. Unlike previous inbetweening methods, we propose a simple unified model capable of generating precise and diverse motions that conform to a flexible range of user-specified constraints, as well as text conditioning. To this end, we propose Conditional Motion Diffusion In-betweening (CondMDI) which allows for arbitrary dense-or-sparse keyframe placement and partial keyframe constraints and generates high-quality motions that are both diverse and coherent with the given keyframes. We further explore the use of guidance and imputation-based methods for inference-time keyframing. We evaluate the performance of our diffusion-based in-betweening method on the text-conditioned HumanML3D dataset and demonstrate the versatility and efficacy of diffusion models for keyframe in-betweening.


Setareh Cohan (University of British Columbia)
Guy Tevet (Tel Aviv University, University of British Columbia)
Daniele Reda (University of British Colmbia)
Xue Bin Peng (NVIDIA, Simon Fraser University)
Michiel van de Panne (University of British Columbia)

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