Aggregate G-Buffer Anti-Aliasing

We present Aggregate G-Buffer Anti-Aliasing (AGAA), a new technique for efficient anti-aliased deferred rendering of complex geometry using modern graphics hardware. In geometrically complex situations, where many surfaces intersect a pixel, current rendering systems shade each contributing surface at least once per pixel. As the sample density and geometric complexity increase, the shading cost becomes prohibitive for real-time rendering. Under deferred shading, so does the required framebuffer memory. AGAA uses the rasterization pipeline to generate a compact, pre-filtered geometric representation inside each pixel. We then shade this at a fixed rate, independent of geometric complexity. By decoupling shading rate from geometric sampling rate, the algorithm reduces the storage and bandwidth costs of a geometry buffer, and allows scaling to high visibility sampling rates for anti-aliasing.


Morgan McGuire (NVIDIA)
Kayvon Fatahalian (Carnegie Mellon University)

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