Tensor Contractions with Extended BLAS Kernels on CPU and GPU

Tensor contractions constitute a key computational ingredient of numerical multi-linear algebra. However, as the order and dimension of tensors grow, the time and space complexities of tensor-based computations grow quickly. In this paper, we propose and evaluate new BLAS-like primitives that are capable of performing a wide range of tensor contractions on CPU and GPU efficiently. We begin by focusing on single- index contractions involving all the possible configurations of second-order and third-order tensors. Then, we discuss extensions to more general cases. Existing approaches for tensor contractions spend large amounts of time restructuring the data which typically involves explicit copy and transpose operations. In this work, we summarize existing approaches and present library-based approaches that avoid memory movement. Through systematic benchmarking, we demonstrate that our approach can achieve 10x speedup on a K40c GPU and 2x speedup on dual-socket Haswell-EP CPUs, using MKL and CUBLAS respectively, for small and moderate tensor sizes. This is relevant in many machine learning applications such as deep learning, where tensor sizes tend to be small, but require numerous tensor contraction operations to be performed successively. Concretely, we implement a Tucker decomposition and show that using our kernels yields at least an order of magnitude speedup as compared to state-of-the-art libraries.


Yang Shi (UC Irvine)
U. N. Niranjan (UC Irvine)
Animashree Anandkumar (UC Irvine)

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