Research Advances Toward Real-Time Path Tracing

Real-time graphics is on the cusp of a historic transition to path tracing, one of the largest breakthroughs for real-time graphics in many years. Path tracing is the most accurate way of rendering but is also computationally intensive due to the simulation of light/material interaction through many bounces. With recent advances in hardware ray tracing, systems research, stochastic light sampling, and denoising, we are building a path towards path tracing of scenes with billions of triangles and millions of light emitters in real time. This talk presents an overview of our latest research results and performance optimizations working toward real-time path tracing. We also show how to integrate the GeForce SDKs together into a reference path tracer.

Talk presented at GTC 2022 and GDC 2022 -- See slides and link to recording below


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Pawel Kozlowski (NVIDIA)
Edward Liu (NVIDIA)

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