FoundationPose: Unified 6D Pose Estimation and Tracking of Novel Objects

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We present FoundationPose, a unified foundation model for 6D object pose estimation and tracking, supporting both model-based and model-free setups. Our approach can be instantly applied at test-time to a novel object without fine-tuning, as long as its CAD model is given, or a small number of reference images are captured. We bridge the gap between these two setups with a neural implicit representation that allows for effective novel view synthesis, keeping the downstream pose estimation modules invariant under the same unified framework. Strong generalizability is achieved via large-scale synthetic training, aided by a large language model (LLM), a novel transformer-based architecture, and contrastive learning formulation. Extensive evaluation on multiple public datasets involving challenging scenarios and objects indicate our unified approach outperforms existing methods specialized for each task by a large margin. In addition, it even achieves comparable results to instance-level methods despite the reduced assumptions.


Bowen Wen
Wei Yang
Jan Kautz
Stan Birchfield