Jan Kautz

Jan leads the Learning & Perception Research team at NVIDIA, working predominantly on computer vision and machine learning problems — from low-level vision (denoising, super-resolution, computational photography), geometric vision (structure from motion, SLAM, optical flow) to high-level vision (detection, recognition, classification), as well as fundamental machine learning algorithms. Before joining NVIDIA in 2013, Jan was a tenured faculty member at University College London. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (1999), an MMath from the University of Waterloo (1999), received his PhD from the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik (2003), and worked as a post-doc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2003-2006). Jan is particularly interested in computational photography and imaging, computer vision, and computational displays, on which he has published many articles at various conferences including ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, CVPR, ECCV, CHI, and many more. A full publication list is available on his web-page.

Jan was program co-chair of the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2007, program chair of the IEEE Symposium on Interactive Ray-Tracing 2008, program co-chair for Pacific Graphics 2011, and program chair of CVMP 2012. He co-chaired Eurographics 2014 and is on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics and The Visual Computer.

My team is hiring world-class research scientists and/or post-docs in computer vision and machine learning! 

Main Field of Interest: