Near-Eye Light Field Displays

"Near-Eye Light Field Displays"
Douglas Lanman (NVIDIA), David Luebke (NVIDIA), in ACM SIGGRAPH 2013 Emerging Technologies, July 2013
Research Area: Stereoscopic 3D
Author(s): Douglas Lanman (NVIDIA), David Luebke (NVIDIA)
Date: July 2013
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Abstract: This light-field-based approach to near-eye display allows for dramatically thinner and lighter head-mounted displays capable of depicting accurate accommodation, convergence, and binocular-disparity depth cues. The near-eye light-field displays depict sharp images from out-of-focus display elements by synthesizing light fields that correspond to virtual scenes located within the viewer's natural accommodation range. While sharing similarities with existing integral imaging displays and microlens-based light-field cameras, the displays optimize performance in the context of near-eye viewing. Near-eye light-field displays support continuous accommodation of the eye throughout a finite depth of field; as a result, binocular configurations provide a means to address the accommodation-convergence conflict that occurs with existing stereoscopic displays. This demonstration features a binocular prototype and a GPU-accelerated stereoscopic light field renderer.