Matching Prescription & Visual Acuity: Towards AR for Humans

Inspired by human visual perception, we demonstrate two novel wearable augmented reality displays. The first "Prescription AR" integrates prescription correction in a 5mm-thick image combiner. The static prototype is 50g and eyeglasses form factor. The second "Foveated AR" adapts to user gaze by adjusting the resolution and focal depth.


Jui-Yi Wu (NVIDIA, National Chiao Tung University)
Kaan Akşit (NVIDIA)
Rachel Albert (NVIDIA)
Youngmo Jeong (NVIDIA, Seoul National University)
Zander Majercik (NVIDIA)
Peter Shirley (NVIDIA)
Morgan McGuire (NVIDIA)

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Best in Show Award - Emerging Technology in SIGGRAPH 2019