Area ReSTIR: Resampling for Real-Time Defocus and Antialiasing

Recent advancements in spatiotemporal reservoir resampling (ReSTIR) leverage sample reuse from neighbors to efficiently evaluate the path integral.  Like rasterization, ReSTIR methods implicitly assume a pinhole camera and evaluate the light arriving at a pixel through a single predetermined subpixel location at a time (e.g., the pixel center).  This prevents efficient path reuse in and near pixels with high-frequency details.

We introduce Area ReSTIR, extending ReSTIR reservoirs to also integrate each pixel's 4D ray space, including 2D areas on the film and lens. We design novel subpixel-tracking temporal reuse and shift mappings that maximize resampling quality in such regions. This robustifies ReSTIR against high-frequency content, letting us importance sample subpixel and lens coordinates and  efficiently render antialiasing and depth of field.

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