Erik Lindholm

Erik Lindholm joined NVIDIA in 1997. He architected the Transform & Lighting units of the nv1x (GeForce256) as well as the first vertex shader unit in the nv2x family. He also designed the pixel shader instruction set for the nv3x programmable pixel shader hw. He was lead architect of the G80 (GeForce 8800) Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) and has been working on unified processors ever since.

Prior to that he spent 8 years at Silicon Graphics where he worked on the VGXT, Reality Engine, and Infinite Reality. Prior to that he spent 3 years in Osaka, Japan where he worked on car navigation display software, 3D graphics pipeline (PHIGS+) software, and ray-tracing.

Lindholm holds 127 US patents. He received a Master of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia. He was awarded the UBC Applied Science Dean's Medal of Distinction in 2016.



Main Field of Interest: