AutoCRAFT: Layout Automation for Custom Circuits in Advanced FinFET Technologies

Despite continuous efforts in layout automation for full-custom circuits, including analog/mixed-signal (AMS) designs, automated layout tools have not yet been widely adopted in current industrial full-custom design flows due to the high circuit complexity and sensitivity to layout parasitics. Nevertheless, the strict design rules and grid-based restrictions in nanometer-scale FinFET nodes limit the degree of freedom in full-custom layout design and thus reduce the gap between automation tools and human experts. This paper presents AutoCRAFT, an automatic layout generator targeting region-based layouts for advanced FinFET-based full-custom circuits. AutoCRAFT uses specialized place-and-route (P&R) algorithms to handle various design constraints while adhering to typical FinFET layout styles. Verified by comprehensive post-layout analyses, AutoCRAFT has achieved promising preliminary results in generating sign-off quality layouts for industrial benchmarks.


Hao Chen (University of Texas at Austin)
Keren Zhu (University of Texas at Austin)
George Kokai (NVIDIA)

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