Koki Nagano

Koki Nagano is a senior research scientist at Nvidia Research. He works at the intersection of Graphics and AI with focus on achieving realistic digital humans using data-driven techniques and deep learning. He worked on a 3D display that allows an interactive conversation with a holographic projection of Holocaust survivors to preserve visual archives of the testimonies for future classrooms. His work on skin microgeometry synthesis has helped create digital characters in blockbuster movies such as “Ready Player One” and “Blade Runner 2049” as well as the open source ones such as “Digital Mike” and “Digital Emily 2.0”. His work on photorealistic human digitization has been shown in places including World Economic Forum, EmTech, TEDxCharlottesville, and SIGGRAPH Real-time Live!. His work has also led to the development of the state of the art Deepfake detection technology in collaboration with top media forensics experts. He obtained his PhD from the University of Southern California advised by Dr. Paul Debevec at USC ICT and his BE from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Personal page: https://luminohope.org/

Main Field of Interest: