Select Publications

Stratified Sampling for Stochastic Transparency

"Stratified Sampling for Stochastic Transparency"
Samuli Laine (NVIDIA), Tero Karras (NVIDIA), in Computer Graphics Forum 30(4) (EGSR 2011), June 2011

Decoupled Sampling for Graphics Pipelines

"Decoupled Sampling for Graphics Pipelines"
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley (MIT CSAIL), Jaakko Lehtinen (MIT CSAIL), Jiawen Chen (MIT CSAIL), Michael Doggett (Lund University), Frédo Durand (MIT CSAIL), in ACM Transactions in Graphics 30(3) (To be presented at SIGGRAPH 2011), May 2011

A Local Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Stochastic Rendering

"A Local Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Stochastic Rendering"
Peter Shirley (NVIDIA), Timo Aila (NVIDIA), Jonathan Cohen, Eric Enderton (NVIDIA), Samuli Laine (NVIDIA), David Luebke (NVIDIA), Morgan McGuire (Williams College), in i3D, February 2011

Colored Stochastic Shadow Maps

"Colored Stochastic Shadow Maps"
Morgan McGuire (NVIDIA), Eric Enderton (NVIDIA), in i3D, February 2011

Subpixel Reconstruction Antialiasing

"Subpixel Reconstruction Antialiasing"
Matthäus G. Chajdas (Technische Universität München and NVIDIA), Morgan McGuire (NVIDIA), David Luebke (NVIDIA), in i3D, February 2011